Solutions and Standards

The digital transformation has created a lot of new opportunities but provided the industry with new challenges to face.  The built asset industry needs an international body committed to creating and disseminating common, open data standards. buildingSMART meets that need.

buildingSMART helps industry visionaries transform the design, delivery and operation of tomorrow’s assets. International open digital data-sharing standards are critical to this transformation, helping businesses – owners, architects, engineers, contractors and operators – become global industry leaders, while also mitigating risks, saving time, reducing costs, and significantly increasing innovation.

Open, shareable information unlocks more efficient, transparent and collaborative ways of working throughout the entire life-cycle of built assets. The growing adoption of BIM also allows owners and operators, working with their service partners, to plan their capital investments and understand the likely whole-life costs of maintaining and using those assets for their intended purposes.

The benefits of open data standards are substantial, and include:

  • more transparent, collaborative and open workflows
  • greater information certainty due to a shared vocabulary of industry terms
  • more open procurement processes
  • processes that are inclusive for companies large and small
  • greater re-use of data
  • easier integration with linked data created and shared in related industries

For data to flow easily, and for the resulting benefits to be shared, the standards need to be developed collectively by the key stakeholders– from designers and constructors to owners and operators.  This is why the processes for buildingSMART solutions and standards development, approval, and certification rely heavily on global participation of a broad group of experts in their respective disciplines and industries.  Since it was incorporated in 1995, buildingSMART has focused on solving common industry problems by collaboratively developing open, neutral, international digital data sharing solutions and standards for the built industry.


Huw Roberts


"Forget thinking of IFC as just a file format, start thinking of intelligent workflows for sharing information amongst software tools, technologies such as smart devices, digital twin buildings, AI and digital manufacturing"