Standards Program Activities

buildingSMART  is seeking to engage with companies and organisations from around the world to build the extensive breadth of standards required to properly enable the future and deliver the benefits of open shareable building (and infrastructure) information.

This table lists all the current activities that are progressing through the buildingSMART Standards Program

TypeReferenceRefRoomTitleOutputbSI MaturityAlert
StandardP2bS1007BuildingModel ViewFM Handover (CoBie)
Standards Proposal
StandardP2bS1008BuildingModel ViewQuantity Take-Off
Standards Proposal
StandardP2bS1009BuildingModel ViewEnergy SimulationStandards Proposal
StandardP2bS1010BuildingModel ViewSchedulingStandards Proposal
StandardP2bS1011BuildingModel ViewAnnotationStandards Proposal
StandardP11S1012BuildingIDM for Building ProgrammingPhase 1: Rooms and functionsDraft StandardSCE decision
StandardP11S1013BuildingIDM for Building ProgrammingPhase 2:Standards ProposalCall
StandardP8S1015TechnicalEnable trust in BIM deliverablesmvdXML StandardCandidate StandardSC Vote
Technical ReportP7TR1003BuildingGlobal BIM Guide WikiBIM Guides using Web tool based on International best practiceWorking Draft Technical Report
Technical ReportP8TR1004Technical
Enable trust in BIM deliverablesmvdXML based tools to check modelsFinal Technical ReportPublish
Technical ReportP9TR1005ProductIFC mapping into bSDDIFC model "entities, types and psets" in bSDD web serviceWorking Draft Technical Report
Technical ReportP3TR1001ProductAn IFC4 Primer: Real life object mappingTemplate for bSDD compatible User GuidesWorking Draft Technical Report
Technical ReportP4TR1002ProductData Dictionary EnablerTools templates & user guides to support the use of the bSDD. (follow on activities; TR1001 & TR1005)Working Draft Technical Report
NewP6bS1016InfrastructureInfrastructure AlignmentAlignment Standard 1.1
NewP5InfrastructureInternational IFC BridgesIFC extension for bridgesInitiation
NewP13ProductProduct Templates and BIM Objects.BIM object standards, naming conventions etc for objects, attributes and shapes.Initiation
NewP6bTR1008InfrastructureInfrastructure AlignmentUser guide to support Alignment Standard 1.1Initiation
NewP12S1014InfrastructureInternational IFC Road & RailIFC extension for Road & RailInitiation
NewP17InfrastructureInfra Asset ManagementRequirement definition studyInitiation
NewP14InfrastructureUK IFC for Infrastructure Road MapFeasibility studyInitiation
NewP18InfrastructureIntegration of spatial and built environment modellingBIM GIS Standards Collaboration FrameworkInitiation
NewP22InfrastructureOverall architectureInfra integration frameworkInitiation
NewP19Regulatorye-submission common guidelinesInitiation
NewP20RegulatoryInterest group for automated code checkingInitiation
NewTechnicalAugmented realityInitiation
NewTechnicalLinked building data groupifcOWL OntologyInitiation

We believe that collectively we all need to work together to deliver the openBIM benefits and encourage you to get involved: {LINK INVOLVED}

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If you are interested in any of these activities, or if you have an open BIM project that you would like to be considered for the Standards program, then please email