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Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

The built asset industry is characterized by bringing many different stakeholders together in a project-specific organization. In order to work efficiently, it is necessary for all participants to know which and when different kinds of information have to be communicated. The ISO 29481-1:2010 “Building Information Modelling - Information Delivery Manual - Part 1: Methodology and Format” standard has been developed by buildingSMART in order to have a methodology to capture and specify processes and information flow during the lifecycle of a facility.  More information is found here. 


In Part Two of the Ponsteiger Project Webinar, Jeffrey Truijens of Dura Vermeer discusses how they used IFC and developed the BIM Basic IDM.

Rasso Steinmann

Prof. Rasso Steinmann


"Experienced practitioners who have since introduced BIM in their daily practice are aware of the importance of a coordinated understanding of the BIM objectives and BIM use cases in their projects. This results in process-oriented information exchange requirements, which then have to be transported in the form of data for a specific purpose. The IDM standard (Information Delivery Manual) helps to document these necessities with a uniform method, so that a common understanding is created and the information need can be coordinated purposefully."

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