Model View Definitions (MVD)

A Model View Definition (MVD) is a subset of the overall IFC schema to describe data exchange for a specific use or workflow, narrowing the scope depending on the need of the receiver. An IFC View Definition, or Model View Definition, MVD, defines a subset of the IFC schema, that is needed to satisfy one or many Exchange Requirements of the AEC industry. The method used and propagated by buildingSMART to define such Exchange Requirements is the Information Delivery Manual, IDM (also ISO 29481). A detailed explanation of MVDs can be found here and a library of buildingSMART International Model View Definitions (MVDs) releases here.

MVDs needs specific implementations by software vendors. Therefore the concept of MVDs will change. IFC5 will be modular with a shared base. The definition of exchange requirements will be done using Information Delivery Specifications (IDS). More on this on the Technical Roadmap page.