Call for Papers by the Product Room Steering Committee

The Product Room Steering Committee (PRSC) of buildingSMART International is currently working on a new positioning to generate maximum value for the community and the other bSI Rooms. The PRSC wants to focus in the future on how construction work items and systems should be managed in digital processes for the construction industry.

We want to explore how construction objects and overall construction systems should be treated over their life cycle. Major focus areas include:

  • the management of requirements and specifications from “generic” to “specific”.
  • considering this from both a manufacturer independent viewpoint to a manufacturer specific product data sheet.
  • how data structures and standards are reviewed and agreed over the entire value chain in the construction industry.

This will be a key foundation to design digitally supported processes from specification to submission, from tenders to e-commerce and finally to material logistics.

The PRSC invites the buildingSMART community to contribute to the agenda for the Product Room sessions at the next bSI summit with a Call for Papers.

Please submit your ideas and written proposals – considering the topics above – by the end of August 2020 using the form at this LINK or the button below.

The PRSC will evaluate your submissions taking into account our Room Charter and select those that meet the criteria above as part of the ongoing development of the Product Room Roadmap.

Thank you in anticipation for your help with progressing this important work.

The Product Room Steering Committee

Michel Bohren (Chair), Espen Schulze, Frederic Grand, Umberto Alesi, Lai Wei, Hansueli Schmid, Robert Heinze, Radboud Baayen, Hans-Christoph Gruler