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Fire Safety Engineering - Call for Project Sponsorship

Why is this an important project?

While BIM has become the standard platform for integrated digital design, the lack of fire safety engineering data standards and tools means that:

  • data loss occurs frequently between design & review stages
  • Open, standard tools, can’t be built to connect the BIM workflow
  • Hackett report called for the “golden thread of information”
  • IFSS coalition’s Decade of Action” calls for a new framework
    to support audits, compliance-checks and global standards

Purpose of the Project

To incorporate fire and life safety definitions into the IFC standards to maintain design & analysis data at all stages in an open, connected, digital workflow….where 3D models, calculations, and reviews can be integrated into the “golden thread”.

Why Act Now ?

The IFSS Coalition (supported by the United Nations) Industry consortium has called for a decade of action in 2022-2032 to achieve “the first agreement on fire safety actions on this international scale”.

What are the project deliverables?

  • Publish a Fire Safety Engineering MVD standard, catching up with other disciplines.
  • Implement a first version of an open-source Add-in for a popular BIM package.
  • Enable a standardized, connected workflow for practitioners, avoiding data loss.

Stakeholder Benefits include:

  • Digital Audit Trail …inputs, outputs, assumptions
  • Compliance checking …transparent access to all data
  • Informed Decision-making …tracks FSE through the design process
  • Automation … of compliance checking, and generative design
  • Safety … understand the logic of FSE strategies for everyone

Project Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Provide funds for the project and receive various benefits
  • Agreement to Participate – join the project team with in-kind contribution
  • Financial contributions towards the target amount of €250k for a 3-year project including:
    • Data definition, processes and standards (2 years) Key deliverable: MVD for FSE
    • Add-in development (3 years) Key deliverable: Open-source two-way data sharing between BIM authoring and fire and evacuation modelling tools

To learn more about the project, please review the slides attached at this link.

To enquire about joining the project and/or providing project sponsorship, please contact us at