Facilities Management and openBIM – Call for Sponsorship

There is a growing need to make information produced by AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms more interoperable and accessible over the lifetime of an asset. The need to ensure data is open and usable for Facilities Management (FM) during operations and maintenance is becoming an industry imperative. Facility Managers know that having available real-time information on the status of built assets would decrease failure costs and simplify services and processes while increasing real estate value. Today, it is commonly known that AEC firms and Facility Managers do not use shared Information Requirements (IR) protocols, Information Delivery Manuals and Handover (IDM/H) and standardized Common Data Environments (CDE), making automation of the process for revision of data and geometry by FM, particularly during the use phase of the lifecycle of the built asset industry, close to impossible. This in part explains the lack of adoption of BIM by the FM industry, and is one of the driving factors for the formation of this buildingSMART project.

The objectives of the “FM and openBIM” project, to be created and delivered in 2021/2, are:

  1. Represent the FM industry in developing openBIM and the ecosystem of digital twins.
  2. Deliver openBIM FMIR Protocol and FMIDM/H standards based on the ISO41000 series that will make automation of handover/transfer and revision of data more accessible for FM.
  3. Deliver an FMCDE that will increase real estate value by 2%, bring down FM failure costs by 5% and simplify FM services processes.

Finalizing the detailed project plan (DPP) for this bSI activity is well underway. One of the items is to find funding for the project.

For each of the 5 use-cases shown in the diagram below, we are asking organizations to sponsor the work groups to deliver each whitepaper. There are two different levels of sponsorship package (see details https://bit.ly/3hccja4), each with accompanying benefits and including bSI membership for the remainder of 2021 as part of the top package.

Your industry needs you! If you can support us as requested, please complete the Agreement to Participate document with details of your proposed sponsorship and which whitepaper(s) you wish to support. The Agreement to Participate also lets you indicate if you wish to contribute as part of the Expert Group team if financial sponsorship is not possible. Please send the completed Agreement to contact@buildingsmart.org

 Details of the 5 use-cases and associated whitepapers:

As is set out in our DPP, phase 1 of the plan includes creating and writing the 5 whitepapers on the use-case topics as shown in the diagram below:

FM and openBIM DPP version 3

For further information on this exciting opportunity, please visit: https://bit.ly/3hccja4