High voltage post or High voltage tower

openBIM for HV Power - Defining openBIM-based Workflows and Exchanges for High Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Projects

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With the extension of the IFC schema (IFC4.3) to include more built environment assets and related life cycle concepts in the planning, design, procurement, construction, and operation of transportation infrastructure, there is also increased interest in addressing utility infrastructure such as electrical power generation, long-distance transmission, and local distribution up to the point of service for a stationary asset or component (e.g. an office building, a residence, a train station, an airport, etc). A bSI activity proposal has been submitted that addresses examining the technical requirements of high-voltage electrical power transmission and distribution data modeling and exchange to be included in the bSI standards and solutions.

The activity proposal scope includes:

  • Develop a domain-specific taxonomy detailing required physical and abstract concepts for high voltage power transmission and distribution;
  • Link the taxonomy for power transmission and distribution to IFC using bSDD and potentially other dictionaries;
  • Develop requirements and specifications for individual use cases of data modeling and exchange within the life cycle of power transmission systems and components;
  • Use IDS to capture the requirements of the various use cases identified;
  • Propose technical specifications for software implementation of identified data exchanges;
  • Develop user deployment guidance materials for industry stakeholders.

Following the bSI Process, this activity will harness the input from a variety of power industry stakeholders in global, regional, national, and local territories to develop bSI standards and technologies that can be used effectively in any marketplace throughout the life cycle of systems and components. The proposed project will be executed and governed as a bSI project within the Infrastructure Domain, unless a new Power or Utility Domain or Working Group is established in the future.

While the Electrical Engineering subject is a large one which includes the building and infrastructure built asset sectors, the purpose of this project is to focus on electrical power transmission and distribution networks and related assets between the power generation source and the service nodes of power consumption (as noted in the diagram below). The power consuming assets include any type (building, campus, infrastructure asset and/or network, etc), but not the electrical engineering inside of buildings and infrastructure assets/networks.

Power scope

Functionally, the intent of this activity is to focus on project delivery and asset definition from an openBIM-based perspective, the design, procurement, installation, and asset management of power transmission and distribution assets, NOT the electrical engineering standards for specific products/assets, services, and actual power distribution management.

The work packages of the project include the development of an industry white paper, the creation of use cases and exchange requirements, software implementation guidance and user deployment documentation. The project is expected to take 3 years to complete and is currently seeking sponsorship and project participation. If you are interested in taking part, please email bSI at contact@buildingsmart.org