IFC Road

Many designers and contractors currently struggle to share or leverage the full potential of BIM.  As an owner/operator,

  • Do you ask for 2D drawings or basic PDF deliverables even though your road project was modeled in 3D?
  • Is the project handover information insufficient to manage your highway assets?
  • Do you seek more consistent approaches to design, construction and operations?
  • Could you save money if designers and contractors had a more standard way of exchanging information?

Such interoperability problems can be addressed by developing an IFC road schema as an exchange format for the sharing of asset models and data. The buildingSMART IFC Road Project is extending existing IFC standards to support linear highway infrastructure.

The IFC Road Project is supported by national road authorities including the Swedish Transport Administration, the Finnish Transport Authority and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure along with other industry experts for the express purpose of defining open digital standards for highway model development and exchange across the entire asset lifecycle.   Phase 1 was completed in 2018 with publishing of a Requirements Analysis Report and Road Process Map.  If you would like more information about these, please contact us. (contact form)

Phase 2 began in early 2019 and includes the development of the schema extension. Additional funding to be able to complete the project and to ensure the schema is robust and fit for purpose continues to be sought.  Phase 2 has the following objectives:

  • Refine road specific taxonomy
  • Build a hierarchical structure with spatial representation
  • Identify common concepts and coordinate with IFC Common Schema project
  • Cooperate and coordinate with OGC
  • Develop IFC Road Extension: data schema (EXPRESS) and property definitions, with conceptual modelling using UML
  • Build international acceptance for the IFC Road specification by executing a validation process through early BIM software implementations;
  • Build international consensus on the proposed IFC schema extension in the current IFC Road project
  • Build awareness and interest for additional international participation for completing Phase 2, as well as for its subsequent deployment

buildingSMART encourages domain experts who are interested in the IFC Road project to participate in Phase 2.  In particular, highway asset managers and owners are encouraged to participate to ensure these standards meet their needs.

To participate as a member of the expert panel does not require membership in a buildingSMART chapter or buildingSMART International and is open to anyone with expertise in the road domain from a planning, design, construction and/or operational perspective.  Funding and/or in-kind resource support from members of a buildingSMART chapter or of buildingSMART International provides an opportunity for even greater influence via the standards approval process.

To be part of this exciting project team, register your interest today.