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Register for the buildingSMART International Webinar – ifcSpatialZone: Intermediate Expert Panel and Call for Participation

The bSI Building Room and IFC SpatialZone project team invite industry professionals - designers, owners/operators, consultants, academics, regulators, software vendors, end-users - and any one with interest in spatial zones or spaces, to attend an intermediate Expert Panel to hear about the ifcSpatialZone technical report and a call for participants to join a final Expert Panel to review the documentation.

Webinar Details

Title: ifcSpatialZone Technical Report: intermediate Expert Panel and Call for Participation

Date/Times: 25th May 2022 from 3pm to 5pm (CEST)

Duration: 90 minutes + 30 minutes Q&A

Location: Online via Zoom


During the session the team will deliver a short insight into the project and present some interactive questions, following the agenda below.

  • Greeting and welcome from bSI and the project
  • Introduction of the project team
  • Project overview with Interactive Questions (online interactive survey)
  • Call for Expert Panel participation and for Sponsorship
  • Q&A


The IfcSpatialZone ENTITY was introduced in the IFC4 Add2 TC1 (ISO) schema to represent the flexible spatial object in Building Information Model (BIM). The traditional IfcSpace ENTITY is defined as representing physically and logically partitioned space. On the other hand, a spatial zone is a non-hierarchical and potentially overlapping project decomposition under some functional consideration. For example, a spatial zone might represent a thermal zone, a construction zone, a lighting zone, a usable area zone. A spatial zone might also have independent placement and shape representation.

The project intends to create documentation that includes a list of the potential use cases of IfcSpatialZone and a guideline to encourage software vendors to implement functions that can facilitate the use of ifcSpatialZones in their BIM authoring tools. The project is following a workshop-based process (eg Expert Panels) involving various stakeholders with best practice experience and software vendors. The project team are documenting the key outcomes from these workshops and sharing this knowledge with the bSI community for intermediate results culminating in a published technical report.

In line with the bSI Process, after the Expert Panel review, the bSI Standards Committee and Standards Committee Executive will review, provide feedback and then vote on publishing the report as part of the bSI Standards Library.

Preparing for the Webinar

At this intermediate Expert Panel, you will receive information about the project and have the opportunity to provide feedback and comments for improvements. These comments will be fed into the final Expert Panel review process for consideration. You can read more about the project at the

If you are a Domain-Expert, Software Vendor or User of BIM-Authoring tools, you can also provide us with feedback by participating in the following short survey:

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Please send your questions to gianluca.genova@buildingsmart.ch or contact@buildingsmart.org We look forward to seeing you at the intermediate Expert Panel on 25th May.