bSI Activity Proposal for IDM for Steel Construction:

Call for Participation and Sponsorship

The Building Room and Standards Committee of buildingSMART International (bSI) has approved an activity proposal for the development of an IDM  for Steel Construction. As a result, a bSI project is to be set up to develop this proposal.

The link for the activity proposal is here -> https://buildingsmartgermany.sharefile.eu/d-s3da9d0393db84c988a7afcde0d3ecde3

The project initiators have already presented this topic at previous bSI Summits. The recording of the most recent presentation is available here: https://vimeo.com/420738862

On the initiative of Ingo Schnock (Bricsys) and Luke Faulkner (American Institute of Steel Construction), with the direct support of buildingSMART Germany, the project scope includes an update to the previously published MVD for Steel Fabrication(originally published in 2012 based on the IFC2x3 Schema). The project team is seeking further participants and stakeholders, which already include a joint Working Group of buildingSMART Germany and bauforumstahl “BIM in Steel Construction”, from other buildingSMART members.

In 2012, The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) created a task force to address the issue of automating the fabrication of structural steel. After careful and close consultation with the industry, AISC arrived at the conclusion that IFC was the ideal standard for automating the structural steel industry.

Opportunities from this work include:

  • The original standard was devised with the intent of covering roughly 80% of the fabrication operation of U.S. fabricators. The assumption was that the easiest 80% of operations would be an attainable goal for the project, and the remaining 20% could be addressed at a later time, contingent on industry demand.
  • The timing is ideal to help augment the loss of qualified skilled labor in the structural steel industry as machinery is becoming more and more automated.
  • BIM Workflows are better set up to support information flow into machinery.

Challenges to be overcome include:

  • Industry adoption - software vendors and machinery manufactures cannot be forced to adopt standards; they are reliant on market demand.
  • Potential end-users are not always familiar, on a technical level, with the standards that support the industry.
  • Current file exchange works, but is not optimal, and the industry can be resistant to change.
  • Industry is still utilizing a collection of older industry standards.

Proposed Solutions include:

  • This project will identify the missing information in the current standard and will update IDM Steel Construction for future needs.
  • The value of an IFC design model for a steel fabricator depends strongly on its accuracy and the definition of relevant attributes.

The project will identify relevant information and define needed accuracy in terms of an IDM. This IDM is targeting the transition of a design model into a fabrication model.

The project also aims to integrate openBIM Standards, in particular IFC, and optimize BIM-Processes within the steel construction industry as well as foster wide implementation of Steel IDM by vendors.

buildingSMART International invites industry and vendors to participate in this development and be part of the project team. Opportunities exist to participate actively in the work and/or to sponsor the work and act as a stakeholder.

All interested parties should contact project coordinator Mirbek Bekboliev at the following email address: mirbek.bekboliev@buildingsmart.de or bSI at contact@buildingsmart.org