Regulatory Information Requirements - Call for Sponsorship

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Be a leader in developing IFC standards to meet the common need for digital permitting of built assets.

Why it’s important?

  • Regulatory approval processes are a major source of delay and risk for building projects worldwide.
  • Moves to introduce information-based processes are hampered by the lack of standards around the specific information needed.
  • Vendor-independent international conventions will encourage development and adoption.

Purpose of the Project

This project brings together regulatory interests worldwide to add “Regulatory Information Requirements” to the scope of the ISO 16759 IFC standard and ISO12006-3 data dictionary resources. The ISO 19650 series of standards are being globally adopted. However, the need for information to be supplied to regulators is not subject to the same framework of preparation and negotiation.

The purpose is to ensure the buildingSMART IFC standard meets the common needs for building regulation.

Why act now?

  • The strong worldwide interest in the deployment of Open Standards in regulatory processes revealed by the 2020 buildingSMART Regulatory Room Survey.
  • The significant progress being made in several regions including Scandinavia, UK, Japan and South Korea.
  • The renewed interest in the use of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary as a universal resource.
  • The focus on life-safety and environmental regulations that are common across most regulatory systems.

What is the added value?

The proposed work would ensure that the maximum level of commonalty is achieved at international level, creating a market for generic tools, whilst leaving national jurisdictions free to continue to refine and refocus their regulatory framework as needed by current issues such as fire risk and environmental concerns.

The Regulatory Information Requirements project work aims to deliver the following improvements:

  • Improved communication between applicants and regulators
  • Improved pre-checking of applications
  • Improved compliance checking
  • Improved turn-around of applications
  • Improved accuracy and predictability of outcomes

How do we work with sponsors?

Sponsoring organizations engage with the project team to provide resources in order to capture the key building information that control the application and decisions found in their own regulations. These will be mapped to existing or new items in the buildingSMART IFC (ISO 16739-1) and Data Dictionary (ISO 12006-3)

How to participate

Project Sponsorship – Sponsorship comes with a variety of benefits, including free membership for new members to bSI for the first 3 months, find out more here.

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