Electrical Domain

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The Electrical Domain has recently been established at buildingSMART International to ensure a more sustainable future for the built asset industry. The new Domain aims to develop and increase the use of open digital BIM standards for the optimum management of building power requirements to address power management, waste, and, to create innovation opportunities.

The mission and goals of the Electrical Domain are defined in the Domain Charter.

Steering Committee

The Electrical Domain is led by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from international members and local buildingSMART Chapters.

The Steering Committee owns the Domain Charter and establishes the roadmap that responds to industry domain requirements. They facilitate the activities of the domain, interact with, and provide reports to the Standards Committee, lead the Domain sessions at buildingSMART summits, and ensure the buildingSMART Process is followed.

The Electrical Steering Committee is still in formation. New members will be identified and then appointed by the Standards Committee Executive.

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Andrea AielloACCA Software Group
Trinidad Chardin-SeguiSchneider Electric
Christian FreySiemens
Bernd GmeinerGermany Chapter
Bertrand LackSchneider Electric
Oliver LebherzSiemens
Patricia MasseyUK & Ireland Chapter
Rolf SchulteEPLAN
Grégory SigwaltFrance Chapter

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Key Objectives

• Enabling power consumption, understanding carbon footprint and evaluating circular economy aspects in the design of innovative solutions.
• Enabling users to make informed decisions in design, build and operation based on a comprehensive connected data model of their buildings incorporating a full electrical network, control network and the energy forecasted behaviour.
• To anticipate and specify digital ways of working at the earliest stage of an assets life whether it be new build or refurbishment
• Complementing the existing buildingSMART Industry Foundation Class (IFC) open standard, by integration of the Normalised Electrical Model (NEM) to enable more efficient working in the electrical design domain.
• Linking the electrical network and building management system to the building and mechanical and plumbing system model.

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