IFC for Ports & Waterways

Over several years buildingSMART International initiated a series of parallel projects to extend the scope of IFC for a variety of infrastructure domains. As part of this initiative, the IFC for Ports and Waterways project has developed its phase 1 deliverables which have been incorporated into the IFC4.3 standard. As such, the project objectives have been met including:

Project Objectives

  • Definition of Use cases in line with current Infrastructure Room Developments
  • Definition of data exchange requirements for use cases
  • Develop & document the IFC for Ports and Harbours data exchange standard to be known as IPH 1.0.
  • Development of modelling guidelines, and a IPH IDM & MVD(s)
  • Provide planning for Deployment of IPH 1.0 and highlight future developments for IPH vNext and Maritime Infrastructure.
  • Develop (or extend existing) tool to view/edit IPH 1.0 models and create example models.

Deliverables Overview

The deliverables of the project can be viewed in detail in the UCM system. In summary, these include:

The IFC for Ports & Waterways project, aims to extend the IFC data model into the Maritime domain by describing the semantics and geometry of ports, waterways navigational facilities. The deliverables of the standard are as follows:

IFC for Ports & Waterways (Presentation)

  • Project summary
  • Project deliverables
  • Outlook of IFC for Ports & Waterways 2.0

Requirements Analysis Report

  • Status: FINAL

Extended Conceptual Model Report

  • IFC for Ports & Waterways IFC Extension Proposal
  • Status: FINAL

Taxonomy Model Report

  • IFC for Ports & Waterways Taxonomy Model & Development
  • Status: FINAL

Implementation Report

  • IFC Ports & Waterways – IFC Implementation Prototyping in Real World Practice.
  • Status: FINAL

Supplementary Docs

  • Taxonomy Spreadsheet
  • Properties Spreadsheet
  • Implementation Files
  • Status: FINAL

Project Participants

bSI and the project team would like to thank all project participants who have provided time, expertise and funding including the following organisations:

  • China Communications Construction Company
  • Cardiff University
  • AEC3 UK
  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Waldeck Consulting
  • WSV – Federal Waterways & Shipping Admin. (Germany)
  • Gobar Consulting
  • Dalian University of Technology

We look forward to working together further on phase 2 of the project. If you wish to know more, please email bSI at

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