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IFC Rail Project Phase 1

Steering Committee

As part of the IFC Rail project governance process, a Steering Committee was formed. This committee is led by representatives from SBB, CRBIM, Trafikverket, FTIA, MINnD, SNCF, RFI, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, followed by Bane Nor and BaneDanmark for Phase 2. The Steering Committee facilitates the project and activities of the room, including overseeing the IFC Rail workshops and online meetings of the domain groups and technical services, leading the room sessions at bSI Summits, interacting with the Standards Committee and acting as a liaison to buildingSMART International. This group has clear guidelines and a clear mission. To deliver an international standard to better design, build and operate and maintain railway infrastructure.

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Phase 1: IFC Rail Project Timeline

IFC Rail is buildingSMART's largest project to date. This project was assembled by a group of stakeholders keen to address industry challenges, develop better ways of working, deliver open standards and extend the current buildingSMART shema to fit their needs. Below is a timeline of how the team reached the end of phase 1.

1. Industrial needs and basic requirements

The business imperatives for addressing digitization in rail infrastructure came as a result of low productivity in the industry and the need to make assets perform better over the entire lifecycle. With low adoption and utilization of digital technologies and standards, the early stakeholders felt the need to address this.

2. Project setup: IFC Rail Phase 1

To focus on better ways of working, and to better design, build and operate railway infrastructure, the early stakeholders put together a roadmap, formed a professional team and put open standards at the core. The goal was to ensure the industry could better design, build and operate railway infrastructure.

3. Deliverables Overview: IFC Rail Phase 1

The team delivered and IFC Rail Spec in 2015. This initial spec put open standards at the core and looked at how to extend the value of BIM to span the complete view of railway assets. The team aimed to deliver an openBIM view and develop a set of deliverables as part of the first phase of the project. All of this was done in line with the bSI Process.

4. Background: IFC 4.3

IFC 4.3 has been published as a Candidate Standard and is available on the Standards Library. IFC 4.3 is unique, harmonised Candidate Standard that contains infrastructure extensions such as road, railway, tunnels, bridges and ports and waterways. Work has been done between buildingSMART rooms to harmonise the schema.

5. IFC Rail in IFC 4.3

The IFC Rail team delivered a list of requirements as input for the IFC 4.3 Candidate Standard. This list includes Cant Alignment, Linear Placement (such as geometry and positioning), Spatial Structure (such as breakdown structures), Built Elements, Physical Elements (such as track, signalling, telecoms, energy) and functional aspects.

Railway Room IFC Rail Project Update Video

Deliverables Mao

Deliverables for the IFC Rail Project Phase 1.

Phase 1: Deliverables and Shared Information

Following on from the bSI SPEC, delivered in 2015, the team set about delivering the various documents as part of the deliverables from Phase 1. You can get access to the documents below.

IFC Rail Project - Requirement Analysis Report

This document represents the first official deliverable of the IFC Rail project, and it contains the railway requirements for the extension of the IFC

IFC Rail Project - Abstract

This report followed on from the requirement analysis to look at the rail domain by describing its purpose, driving force, making and the results.

IFC Rail Project - Conceptual Model Report

The Conceptual Model is a conceptualization of the data requirements contained in the Requirement Analysis Report.

IFC Rail Project - Context & Approach

This document aims to summarise the organisation, methodology, scope and other essential information of the Phase I.

IFC Rail Project - Data Requirement Report

This document describes data requirements, defining each object with a name, description, optionally one or more images and a table of properties.

Harmonized IFC Standard

You can read the official schema release for the harmonized IFC standard at the library by clicking the link below.

Harmonized UML Report

This report aims to arrive at a harmonised IFC schema extension for infrastructure activities.