Standards Committee Consultation Result

DateTitlePhaseSummary of resultsOutcome reportRoom
14 Jan 2021This posting shows a summary of the items that the Standards Committee have reviewed during 2020 as part of the bSI ProcessApproved1. Published reports: Auto rule checking Application forms Classification report E-submission common guidelines IFC, CityGML, LandInfra analysis of integration GEO referencing for IFC Rail client benchmarking Regulatory Survey 2.Published Candidate Standards: Quantity take off IDM PreCast IFC 4.3 Infra extensions 3. Launched Activities: Information Delivery System Facilities Management handover Facilities Management operations Professional Certification Practitioner framework Open CDE IFC JSON Fire safety & occupant movement analysis All our publications can be found at the link attached.
21 Jan 2021The ifcJSON project team have released their detailed project plan for Standards Committee review and vote.Out for ReviewPlease follow the link to view the project plan.
18 Feb 2021The IFC Airport Project have released their activity proposal which is under review by the Standards Committee.Out for ReviewPlease follow the link to read the activity proposal.
22 Mar 2021IFC Infrastructure Room Steering Committee out for votingOut for ReviewMember representatives and chapters are voting on 6 vacancies for the Infrastructure Room Steering Committee (IRSC). There are 12 candidates under considerations. You can view their qualifications and experience before placing your votes (if you are a member or a chapter). Voting closes Monday 22nd March 2021.