Rooms and Groups


Technical Room

The Technical Room has overall responsibility to explore and coordinate the investigation and to facilitate buildingSMART’s engagement with fundamental technical advancements which may enhance or accelerate the provision of robust open BIM solutions to users.

The Technical Room’s specific remit is the coordination of the core technical development of the IFC model and associated technical standards to safely, rigorously and in a commercially viable manner support the development open BIM solutions to fully meet users’ needs and ambitions. This includes the development of the IFC scheme to support interface with other standards and working platforms such as geo-spatial and web standards.

Building Process Room

The Building Process Room’s remit is to standardise processes/ work-flows/ procedures for open BIM for all participants in the construction industry based on open BIM and to support them with tools, guidelines and manuals.

The primary focus of the process room is on processes for the ‘buildings’ sector.

Infrastructure Room

The infrastructure room’s remit is to develop common principles for achieving process integration during the design, construction and maintenance phases of infrastructure development. The room believes that the development and deployment of appropriate building information models is an important enabler for achieving the objectives.

 Product Room

The Product Room remit is the development and provision of processes, templates, tools and functionality to enable the robust and efficient use of product data, relevant third party standards, classification systems and other forms of structured content in openBIM.

The Product Room supports and promotes the development of common information structures, access to a library of concepts and relationships for naming and structuring databases of content for use with and connection to BIM. A core output is the development of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary capability and associated content.

Regulatory Room

The Regulatory Room’s remit is to standardise processes/ work-flows/ procedures for open BIM for buildings regulators based on open BIM and to support them with tools, guidelines and manuals.


Implementation Support Group

The Implementation Support Group is responsible to support the implementation and certification activities for buildingSMART standards.

ISG is a standing working group and reports to the Technical Room and has specific responsibility to support the compliance program. It also has an implementation oversight responsibility across the entire standards community.

Model Support Group

The Model Support Group – MSG  is an expert group to support the building and maintanance of buildingSMART IFC data model standards. MSG is responsible for the integrity and maintenance of the IFC specification and related specifications.

MSG is a standing working group and reports to the Technical Room and has responsibility across the entire standards community.

Dictionaries Technical Support Group

The Dictionaries Technical Support Group – DTSG is responsible for the development of the bSDD standards and functionality, managing technology issues including management of the software infrastructure, as well as the procedures and quality control of bSDD terminology content.

DTWG is a standing working group and reports to the Product Room.

Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is an academic liaison and outreach group with responsibility to assist and support the Technical Room and to ensure the Rooms deliberations are up to date with the latest academic developments.

The specific charter for this group is subject to review by the Technical Room as part of the transitionary process to implement the new operating model.

Working Groups

 bSDD Working Group

bSDD Working Group – bsDD-WG is responsible for the evaluation and testing of the bSDD features and functionality and for promoting the development and utilization of data dictionary processes, formats and content. It also acts as a support, coordination and training working group for other working groups or projects with data dictionary requirements.

bSDD-WG reports to the Product Room for the purpose of helping provide guidance and encourage consistency in the development of standardized terminology based on and supporting the bSI standards and utilizing the bSDD platform.

BIM Guidelines Working Group

Development of open access global BIM guidelines and best practice recommendations.

The Working group objective is to create access to a compendium of BIM guideline documentation where users can create your own BIM guide based on searching a database of existing sources and set against a standardized Table of Contents.

Groups being formed

The groups in the following table are being formed and they may result in a proposal to the Standards Committee Executive to progress further

Intended typeSubjectProject related toRoomDate requestedDate approvedLeaderAlertMembers
Informal, Proposed, Working or Support(Date of SCE meeting)Call / SCE decision / SC Vote / Publish
InformalAutomated code checkingP20RegulatoryMar-15SCE decisiontbc
Informale-submission common guidelinesP19RegulatoryMar-15tbc
WorkingAsset Management requirement definition studyP17InfrastructureMar-15Henk SchaapSCE decisiontbc
WorkingProduct templates & BIM ObjectsP13ProductMar-15Paul Oakley
Carl Collins
SCE decisiontbc
WorkingIFC for RoadsP12InfrastructureMar-15Francois GroblerSCE decisiontbc
InformalIFC for BridgesP5InfrastructureMar-15Christophe Castaing
WorkingLinked Building Data GroupTechnicalApr-15Pieter PauwelsSCE decisionJakob Beetz
InformalAugmented realityTechnicalApr-15Leif Granholm
InformalThe integration of spatial and built environment modellingInfrastructureMar-15Jim Plume
Anne Kemp
SCE decision

If you are interested in being involved, or if you have an open BIM project that you would like to be considered, then either contact the leader directly or email: