Building Room

The Building Room is a domain of the buildingSMART Standards Program.

Its purpose is to create open digital standards and solutions that the built asset economy needs by combining, enhancing and developing open standards for intelligent data. This will enable process and data integration for buildings.

The key objectives of the Building Room are

  • enable data exchange based on open standards for the planning, realization and maintenance of building works and ultimately all aspects of the built environment;
  • enable the exchange of information and open data access between asset management databases;
  • enable enduring archives of asset information based on open standards;
  • enable life cycle information management for buildings based on open standards;
  • enable the merging of project related information e.g. requirements and risks, with asset information.


The Building Room is an open forum where any interested party can participate, both technical and users. The open forums take place at the buildingSMART Summits which are held two times a year.

Members of buildingSMART International can also participate in projects and activities and may also have representation in the Building Room Steering Committee.

The Building Room Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic development of the Building Room, and to ensure the projects and activities are progressing and delivering to support the industry needs.

Building Room Steering Committee

The current Building Room Steering Committee was elected by the community in June 2018

  • Ricardo Bittini – Ferrovial Agroman (Chair)
  • Marie Claire Coin – BuildingSMART France
  • David Ivey - HOK
  • John Mitchell – buildingSMART Australasia
  • Benjamin Gonzalez - buildingSMART Spain
  • Geraldine Rayner – buildingSMART Canada
  • Rob Roef - SAC, Nemetschek Group
  • Mark Baldwin – buildingSMART Switzerland
  • Kjell Ivar Bakkmoen – buildingSMART Norway

Current Project and Activities in the Building Room

IDM Model Set Up
John Mitchell
This project will develop a common model setup protocol based on existing practice for IFC4. It is not the intention to enhance the IFC object model, but to add guidelines for shared model setup at project initiation using IFC data exchange or sharing.Developing
IFC PrecastThe project is aimed at creating an internationally standardized, future-proof interface based on interfaces already used in the preliminary process as well as historic interfaces used in the prefabrication processDeveloping
IFC rebarThis project has two main goals. To define practical workflows using current data capabilities that conform to existing standards to move the industry to IFC, and to discuss how should IFC be developed to be fit for purpose. IFC group currently being one object for example, how does one select ‘few’ in group form IFC, does IFC need to support rebar group assemblies. Initiation
MVD Facility Management HandoverCreate an openBIM user view for managing handover from construction to operation (COBie)Initiation
MVD Quantity Take-off
Jan Karlshoej
Create an openBIM user view make Quantity Take off assessments.Standards Approval
MVD Energy Simulation
Tim Chipman
Create an openBIM-user view for energy transfer calculationDeveloping
LOXThe working group intendeds to review the current plethora of LoD and LoI protocols with a view to finding commonalities for a standard. The aim to find the highest level of commonality, so as to facilitate their discussion and their use, not necessarily to create a single solution.Developing
DfMA & Lean ConstructionThis project proposal addresses how open digital information exchange will enable better solutions for the design and build delivering assets that are quicker, better cheaper and safer.Initiation
IFC for Landscapes, Sites and Urban PlanningThis work will investigate further development of the IFC-schema in to the domain of landscapes, sites and urban planning. The work will be done in close collaboration with work being done on the built infrastructure domain. Initiation
IDM ConfiguratorThe aim of this project is to develop an international standard for exchanging IDM and MVD data (ISO 29481 Part 3 or 4)
To develop an agreement, possibly a white paper, which can facilitate software developers, IDM/MVD/BEP developers, BIM consultants, and project clients to develop and share their outcomes

Do you want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about the Building Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact