Guidelines Working Group

Development of open access global BIM guidelines and best practice recommendations.

bSDD is sponsored by the Process Room

The Working group objective is to create access to a compendium of BIM guideline documentation where users can create your own BIM guide based on searching a database of existing sources and set against a standardized Table of Contents.

The database uses a template (of metadata) based on new concepts for categorization of BIM guideline and related document content in existence around the globe. This is the first project of its kind, using this comparison and categorization method, and is a means to providing what could be a very useful tool for those wishing to create a BIM guide tailored to their needs but rooted in international best practices.

The new concepts introduced were developed from expert user experience and the project goal is to achieve an international framework for BIM guidance documentation based on these real-world procedures and requirements from industry.

Guidelines are for the user and this project will give insight and direction to those needing, using and creating BIM guidelines.