Linked Data Working Group

The proposed buildingSMART Linked Data Working Group is responsible for building and maintaining a recommended version of an ifcOWL ontology as an equivalent to the IFC EXPRESS schema. The ifcOWL ontology is to be used in linked data and semantic web applications that consume IFC data. The group meets at regular intervals, both virtual and live, to keep track of and discuss possible enhancements to the ifcOWL ontology. The Linked Data Working Group is part of the Technical Room and closely interacts with the other working groups, such as the MSG and the bsDD-WG.

The Linked Data Working Group reports to the Technical Room for the purpose of helping provide guidance in the development of technical advancements that allow the implementation of robust Open BIM solutions to end users. This also allows the group to propose developments and enhancements for the existing bSI standards, so that they are more easily accessible via linked data technologies.

The role and purpose of the Linked Data Working Group is to:

  • Be responsible for developing and maintaining a recommended ifcOWL ontology
  • Propose technical enhancements and developments to the existing bSI standards in the Technical Room
  • Align semantic web activities with ongoing efforts in buildingSMART, such as the bSDD.
  • Provide support in the usage of an ifcOWL ontology

Composition & Operation

  • Participation in the Linked Data Working Group is open to all Technical Room Steering Committee members, Technical Room Sponsors with active projects, SACs, and International members of bSI.
  • The Linked Data Working Group meets at least once each month
  • Reports to the Technical Room

The Linked Data Working Group is chaired by Pieter Pauwels ( and Jakob Beetz ( If you want to join the group, please send a message to the chairs.