Product Room

The Product Room remit is the development and provision of processes, templates, tools and functionality to enable the robust and efficient use of product data, relevant third party standards, classification systems and other forms of structured content in open BIM.

The Product Room supports and promotes development of common information structures, access to a library of type concepts and relationships for naming and structuring databases of instance content for use with and connection to BIM. A core output is the development of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary capability and associated content.

The Product Room holds lead responsibility for the development and execution of projects to advance the development of open BIM in line with the Technical Roadmap for product support.

It is anticipated that the work of the Product Room will lead to new Templates, IDMs and MVDs for product support. It is also anticipated that the Product Room members will lead efforts to translate the IFC model components and other terminology in bSDD into their respective languages. The Product Room will strive to have representation from all countries/regions where there is an active bSI chapter to lead translation and review efforts for their respective language(s).

The product room has established a funding regime which is summarized as follows:

  • Product Room Steering Committee Member must be Members of buildingSMART International.
  • Product Room Sponsors are granted the status of Product Room Affiliate as set out in the Product Room governance documents.
  • Organizations wishing to develop specific content for the bSDD must be Steering Committee members or become Product Room Sponsors and pay a fee for using the bSDD in accordance with the Product Room fee schedule. In countries where there is no Steering Committee member organisations must either pay a higher fee or join as a Product Room Steering Committee member.
  • Charges are made for the use of data dictionary services embedded in commercial applications in accordance with the bSDD Terms of Use and Commercial License Agreement.
  • Chapters wishing to participate in the Product Room Steering Committee and content development will be required to contribute fees in line with the Product Room fee schedule.

Current on-going projects:

  1. bSDD Infrastructure development and funding
  2. bSDD Content management Tool development and Funding
  3. bSI Roadmap Project P4 bSDD Enabler – including P3 Real Life Object Mapping and P9 IFC in bSDD and integrating with many other Roadmap projects
  4. Dictionaries Technical Working Group – standing working group responsible for the technical operations of the bSDD
  5. bSDD Working Group – working group responsible for implementation testing, procedures and training on use of bSDD
  6. Affiliate and member projects –
    • Catenda
    • CoBuilder EU PIX project
    • University of Innsbruck Free-BIM Tirol project
    • CSI/CSC OmniClass in bSDD
  7. Other projects – involved with UK Dictionary and EuroDicti proposals, Australasia, France and Italy forming projects

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