buildingSMART rooms are open groups of specialists who work together to improve the built environment through the development of open solutions and standards.  Rooms focus on a specific domain or context. Rooms are open to all, regardless of membership in buildingSMART International or a local chapter.  Rooms may initiate standards projects depending on the nature and scale of the problem or opportunity to be addressed.  Projects are the primary mechanism by which standards work is formally executed. Projects operate in accordance with the buildingSMART standards process requirements.

Rooms may also form and support ongoing working or support groups.  Working groups are formed for delivery of solutions to a complex problem or specific projects, while support groups provide ongoing coordination, system support or expert advice about buildingSMART solutions and standards.

Rooms are managed by strong steering committees from a cross-section of the industry.  Each room develops a user-driven strategic roadmap which incorporates the identified projects that deliver the room program for the benefit of their respective industries.

In addition to continuing communications throughout the year, room open forums take place at the buildingSMART Summits which are held twice a year.