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buildingSMART International Standards

These standards have been voted by the Standards Committee as being Final Standards

IFC Base StandardsISO IFC
IFC Specification & ToolsbSI Tech
IFC4 Specialist SiteIFC4
BIM Collaboration Format XMLS1005BCF-XML
BIM Collaboration Format API version 2.1S1006BCF-API
IFD: Framework for object orientated informationISO-IFD
IFC4 Design Transfer ViewS1001MVD
IFC4 Reference ViewS1002MVD
IFC Infrastructure AlignmentS1004superseded by IFC4.1
Trust in BIM deliverablesS1015mvdXML
IFC4.1 Infrastructure alignmentS1016IFC4.1

buildingSMART Technical Reports

IFC Infra Overall ArchitectureTR1009Report
Model View Definition for LANDXML v1.2TR1007LandXML v1.2
Open Standards for RegulationTR1011Regulatory report
Infra Asset ManagementTR1010Asset Management

buildingSMART Candidate Standards

Candidate standards are activities that are in the process of acquring international consensus before being submitted to the Standards Committee for final vote.

ifcOWL Ontology
P21Information here

buildingSMART SPEC

buildingSMART SPEC is a document that can be produced by any organisation that wants to standardize best practice on a specific subject but is not yet ready to proceed with producing it as a bSI Standard.

It is a publicly available speciification

IFC Rail bSI SPECChina Rail BIM AlliancebSI SPEC Rail part 1
bSI SPEC Rail part 2
IFC Road bSI SPEC Korean Institute Construction TechnologySee below


Chapters 1 – 2: Development Schedule and IfcRoad Development History
Chapter 3: Infra IFC Schema (Express-G) V1.0
Chapters 4 – 5: Infra IFC Entities incl IfcRoad and Infra IFC Schema
Chapters 6 – 8: Psets(PropertySets) and Qsets(QuantitrySets) for Ifc Road and IDM for QTO V0.9
Chapter 9: Infra IFC Specifications with IfcRoad (Eng. to be revised) V0.6

Published buildingSMART Related Standards Around the World

bSI RelationshipPublisherContentLink
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS CoBie Version 2.26NIBS
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS HVCAiebSA
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS SPARKiebSA
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS WSiebSA
buildingSMART National StandardsNorwayTBATBA
buildingSMART National StandardsKoreaTBATBA
IFC BasedUK GovernmentCoBie Level 2UK Task Force
IFC BasedBSI*PAS 1192-2:2013British Standards
IFC BasedBSI*PAS 1192-3:2014British Standards
IFC BasedBSI*BS 1192-4:2014British Standards
IFC BasedAukland UniversityContent ModelsAuckland University
IFC BasedPankow FoundationUS BIM Standard for Precast ConcretePankow Foundation
IFC BasedPankow FoundationUS Owner's Guide to BIMPankow Foundation
IFC BasedAmerican Institute of Steel ConstructionBIM steel initiativesAISC

*BSI (British Standards Institution)

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Data Dictionary Services

BuildingSMART  is developing an open international data dictionary service based on our IFD Standard (ISO 12006-3) which will allow users, architects, engineers, consultants, owners and operators on one side and product manufacturers and suppliers on the other from all around the world to share and exchange essential product information.

What is the bSDD used for and what are it’s USP?

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