The Information Delivery Specification (IDS) Candidate Standard is now out for review by the Standards Committee.

The Information Delivery Specification (IDS) Candidate Standard has been issued to the Standards Committee for their review and feedback. The vote closes Friday 2nd June 2023. The IDS is a standard for defining information requirements in a way that is easily read by humans and interpreted by computers. This standard helps people in the built asset industry to better define their exchange requirements and adds clarity amongst various stakeholders. It ensures asset owners can specify accurately what they want and allows project participants with a better insight into what they need to deliver. It adds certainty and clarity when used in combination with other standards and services. With IDS, users can demand and verify the use of properties (including quantities and attributes), materials, classifications, entity types, and object dependency (partOf). As of now, IDS does not have the capability to define the details of geometry.

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