The Infrastructure Room Progress Report

Infraroom buildingSMART

The Infrastructure Room Steering Committee, led by Tiina Perttula, look forward to sharing progress at the bSI Summit in Oslo, Norway, March 23 – March 26. Key areas progressed in recent months include:

  • IFC Extension – through collaboration between the InfraRoom and Railway Room, Led by Christophe Castaing and Jim Plume, we intend to submit for voting, at the end of February, a unified candidate standard for a fully-harmonized IFC infrastructure extensions covering road, rail, bridge, ports & waterways as well as concepts that are common across those domains. The InfraRoom is then proposing an ambitious deployment activity throughout 2020 to validate that harmonized schema through a series of 15-20 rigorous test case implementations in collaboration with software vendors leading to a final standard available early in 2021.
  • InfraRoom Roadmap - As a continuation of the thinking presented at the bSI Summit in Beijing, we are now concluding a comprehensive list of future projects that either support the extensions to bSI products, supporting Open Infrastructure, or involve interaction/communicating with industry stakeholders, other standards bodies/technical developments and bSI in general. The next step is to identify those projects that specifically respond to industry needs and for each prepare a business plan, a summary of proposed activity, the need for it, the benefits, an early scope and an idea of resource requirements. This should then attract support and sponsorship from the market to enable projects to be progressed.

The InfraRoom teams delivered two Expert Panels recently and both are available as on-demand content. You can access both below:

The IFC Ports and Waterways Expert Panel took place on the 10th of December 2019.
The IFC Tunnel Expert Panel took place on the 11th of December 2019.