The buildingSMART® Forum connects the global built asset community by providing interactive information and discussions about buildingSMART standards and activities. The forum allows peers to connect and communicate on an open and moderated platform. Topics such as IFC software certification, buildingSMART policies and general help can be found.

The forum is the official buildingSMART International (bSI) online communication network for peer-to-peer interactions. The goal of the forum is to enhance the experience of end users, software developers, and other industry experts in the development, implementation, and practical use of buildingSMART International standards and the technologies that support them.

The forum is open for the public to sign-up, for free. No buildingSMART membership is required.  The forum is moderated by experts from all over the world.

The forum provides various rooms and groups for targeted discussion. To join one of the following groups you can follow the links below. If you would like to contact support for help on getting orientated, please email