The buildingSMART User Community and International User Group

What is the International User Group

The buildingSMART International User Group (IUG) is a platform for the global openBIM community. We provide information and resources to support construction industry professionals working with buildingSMART standards.
The international user group is the lead body with responsibility to facilitate and enhance collaboration between chapters and engagement of chapters with the standards and compliance programs.

It is also the aim of the International User Group to promote and stimulate use of buildingSMART deliverables in order to improve interoperability in the construction industry, and to share experiences among its members in a bi-directional way in which there is a balance between giving and taking.

The International User Group is constituted by the chairs of chapter user groups. Learn who are members of IUG If your chapter has not yet established a chapter user group and nominated a member to IUG, you should engage in your chapter and ensure that it take part in the user community.

UserCom is the International User Group’s Executive Committee.

What can we do for you

In order to start up the direct contact with users and facilitate contact between users in order to achieve a vibrant buildingSMART User Community, the International User Group have established five new services for users:

  • A new FAQ page with typical questions concerning use of BIM and Ifc.
  • Meet UserCom. UserCom have one Internet meeting every month which is open for users to present use cases, successes, failures and issues.
  • If you have a Case Study you would like to share with the whole buildingSMART community on this website this is also your opportunity to present it, and get it evaluated for a possible presentation.

Contact IUG chair at in order to reserve a time slot for your user case or issues.

  • The BIM maturity tool. A measurement tool for assessing the maturity, and success, of BIM implementation within projects.
  • User issue database. User issues that is raised in meetings with UserCom, will be listed in our user issues database in order to be brought forward to the Model Support Group (MSG) and the Implementers Support Group (ISG) in order to find solutions.
  • The International User Group has established a separate LinkedIn group where you may raise issues and discuss the implementation of BIM and IFC.

The basis for the International User Group is the user organizations in the chapters. However, many users may have more in common with those who work with the same kind of buildings or in the same discipline or with the same software in other countries. Thus, buildingSMART will now help users to establish domain- or interest user groups internationally across chapter boundaries and include them in the buildingSMART User Community. Contact in order to learn whether some actors of your category already have started such initiatives and how to start domain user group within the buildingSMART User Community.

The International User Group is also responsible for the buildingSMART International Award and presentation of Case Studies.


IUG has an old website with information for users and minutes and presentations from buildingSMART summits from 2009 to spring 2014  This will not be maintained any more, but will be kept for historical reasons.

Minutes, resolutions and presentations from buildingSMART summits from autumn 2014 and onward will be found here.