buildingSMART Data Dictionary

What is bSDD?

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is an online service that hosts classifications and their properties, allowed values, units and translations. The bSDD allows linking between all the content inside the database. It provides a standardized workflow to guarantee data quality and information consistency.

BIM modelers use the bSDD to have easy and efficient access to all kinds of standards to enrich their model. BIM Managers use the bSDD to check BIM data for validity. Advanced users use the contents from the bSDD to check compliance, automatically find manufactures products, extend IFC, create Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) and much more.

Besides national classification systems (Omniclass, Minnnd, etc) and application specific standards (ETIM, UniversalTypes, IfcAirport, etc) project specific and company specific standards can be stored in bSDD as well. The internal structure can facilitate ISO 12006-3, ISO 23386/7 and Linked Data publications.

Download the flyer, or watch the video to learn more about how bSDD can improve your data quality and productivity.

Download the flyer

The 'new' bSDD

The bSDD is already up and running and is operational. Currently buildingSMART is building a new prototype to facilitate new use-cases and improve usability.

New opportunities like publishing the data as Linked Data and using bSDD content in machine readable Information Delivery Specification (IDS) contracts will also improve the usability of the bSDD service. This means the new bSDD will have some changes on the technical side, next to improvements on the usability and accessibility. The next generation bSDD action plan is part of the buildingSMART Technical Roadmap.

The prototype new bSDD is available to test. Find technical information here, or contact us for information on how to host your data.

Frequently asked questions about the bSDD:

Want to add your standard or (company wide) specification to the bSDD? Fill out this form:

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Are you an end-user?


The main entry to bSDD is the Application Programming Interface(API). You need to register to access the bSDD data. If you want to access the bSDD, ask your software vendor to activate their bSDD plugin or functionality.  If you have questions about using the bSDD, contact the buildingSMART Data Dictionary Support Team.

Are you a content creator?

Whether you want to publish Exchange Information Requirements, your classification system or Product Data Templates, bSDD lets you connect to the world in a unique way.

When you understand how to structure data and deliver it you can directly put your data into the bSDD. Currently we are allowing content owners to publish data in the new bSDD prototype to test new functionalities. When you need help structuring and delivering your data, buildingSMART International certifies agents that will ensure your content gets properly added to the dictionary.  buildingSMART Agents are neutral persons that know how to help establish your content in proper relation to IFC and other bSDD data.  To get your data into the bSDD, get a list of agents, or understand how the process works, contact the bSDD Product Manager.

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Are you a software developer?


buildingSMART International can help you explore use cases, understand the API and resources, support development and testing, and how to publish, obtain certification and support end users.

Information about the new API can be found on Github. For more information, contact the bSDD Product Manager.