Working group on Classification

A call for participation

At the buildingSMART International Summit in London, October 2017 it it was decided to form working group on Classification (Resolution PR2017 – 10:08). The aim is to develop a standard approach to implementing classification in conjunction with bSI standards for models (IFC), terminology (bSDD) and process (IDM/MVD). This will support open IFC-based BIM and connection to external systems that use and rely on classification and allow for the coordination of classification systems in use in different countries. The goal is to prepare a plan for a new buildingSMART standard and submit it to the bSI standards process for review and approval.

Classification systems play an important role in organizing all manner of building information referenced in models. Having a common way to link classification with models in objects will assist those using various systems in different countries to use the systems to organize and connect with model data.

To achieve its goals it is important to see all aspects of classification use and we therefore want to reach out to experts in classification development as well as implementation in different countries such as cost data publishers, product library publishers, building product manufacturers and master guide specifications publishers.

The work will start at the building SMART International Summit in Paris, and have regular online meetings as the work proceeds.

The work will be led by Jacky Chi Ho Lau from buildingSMART Norway and be supported by the Product Room in buildingSMART, led by Roger Grant.

If you have interest to participate in this work or have any questions or comment, please contact Jacky Chi Ho Lau or Roger Grant

Also, remember to register at the buildingSMART International Summit